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Looks: Almost a light lime green with some orange. Looks as if it is coated in powder sugar.


OG Kush | OG Kush Meaning

The O G Kush Strain, also called Premium O G Kush, was created during the early 1990s in Florida. No one is sure how O G Kush was made. However, it’s been suggested in the cannabis industry that the genetics originate from popular strains (cultivars) such as Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, or Old World Paki Kush, which could have been cross-bred to produce this plant.

OG Kush Strain

Smell: Attacks your nose with skunk, then into a sweet earthy smell.

Taste: Very light taste. I vaporized it in a Volcano and it was quite nice.



A few hits into the first bag and my head was already starting to feel heavy. This is a night time smoke. Very strong couch lock effect. I couldn’t even walk straight. I was roaring high for around 4 hours and continued to feel pretty high for the rest of the night. This is the best smoke I’ve ever had.

Potency: 10/10 Extremely High

Good Strain For: Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Pain.

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1 Oz, 7 grams, half oz

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