Nat U Roll King Size Cones 32 Packs of 3




When deciding upon which rolling paper to go with, look no further than Nat-u-roll. These natural rolling papers are nonrefined and unbleached. Produced in Indonesia, this Good Times LLC product is perfect when used in conjunction with legal herbs. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this rolling paper is packaged in cones and assimilate the king size. With 32 packs per box, 3 cones per pack and 96 cones per box in total, Nat-u-roll allows for the perfect value per box. Utilizing cones in order to organize the distribution of herbs per paper, each of these rolling papers is finely manufactured without the utilization of harmful additives and toxic substances, allowing for a pure smoking experience that is comparable to the quality that RAW provides. This product is a king size, perfect for all contemporary smoking endeavors.

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