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At weed4allpurpose we believe Temple Extracts is deeply involved in the healing properties of Cannabis. We have been stewards of this amazing plant for over 20 years. There is so much exciting research into cannabis and how it can create balance and wellness in people’s lives. With deep respect for the plant and for people’s health, we wanted a product that was of the finest quality, with no fillers or additives. We wanted to bring pure cannabis oil to the market that originated from cannabis that had been grown with the best organic farming methods. When we began to look for products like this, we found that they didn’t exist! So we assembled a team of deeply committed partners who share our passion for organic horticulture and plant medicine.
Everything starts with the farm. We have an expanding network of cannabis farmers committed to sustainable and ecologically sound farming practices. We take our oil through a seventeen-step process beginning with the highest quality C02 extraction equipment on the market today. From there, the product goes through an advanced refinement process. Our oil is always free from dangerous hydrocarbons such as butane, propane, and hexane. Your body is your temple and we believe it deserves only the highest quality cannabis products.

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