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Liberty H is a very potent marijuana strain and has a THC level of around 21 percent and CBD of around 1.8 percent. Liberty Haze produces a strong cerebral high that lasts on your body for a very long time. It has an earthy and musky aroma and a pungent taste that is a blend of earthy, piney and skunk-y flavors. Its strong high makes you feel calm, euphoric, happy, focused, creative, giggly and tingly.


Liberty Haze Strain Review | Liberty Haze Barney’s Farm

A cross between two strains with long and complicated history – the fast flowering Chem Dawg 91 and G13, which is rumored to be a result of the top secret CIA cannabis breeding scheme that run in the 1960’s and 70’s. Whatever the true story behind it, one thing is certain – that both produced the best quality marijuana and the very same thing can be said about the result of the cross breeding – the Barney’s Farm feminized Liberty Haze.

Liberty Haze Strain Effects

When you smoke this strain, you can enjoy an awesome slightly tart lime taste that she nicely blends with some fragrant floral notes. Just like her taste that invokes dreaming of flowers and Mediterranean citrus trees, her effect is equally positive and uplifting! Seeing that she has a slight Sativa dominance in her genetics, she will make for a powerful, fast-hitting cerebral upper effect that will last for quite some time.

It won the 1st prize in the Overall category at the High times Cannabis Cup in 2011 and made 2nd in the Best Sativa category in 2015 at the Amsterdam Unity Cup.

With all these fantastic qualities, like her excellent taste and the great Sativa high you would have quite some troubles if you needed to find any flaw with Liberty H. She’s simply a superb Sativa to grow that will no doubt delight the Sativa lovers out there!

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