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Ganja Gold proudly presents their deliciously potent, lab-tested Gelato Live Resin CO2 Cartridges for our wonderful patients here at Green Trees! These powerful Live Resin cartridges feature a strain-specific pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil perfectly paired with a fresh whole-plant cannabis-derived terpene profile that truly represents the complexity of each cultivar! Made with steel internals and a ceramic heating element for ultimate potency, ease and convenience. Ganja Gold’s tasty Live Resin cartridges are free of all fillers, additives or cuts and are some of the purest selections on the market today! Gelato is a deliciously potent cross from The Cookie Fam that pairs the legendary Sunset Sherbet and tasty Thin Mint Cookies to create a truly unique hybrid! Patients can expect lasting effects of uplifting cerebral euphoria, creative happiness and powerful calming relaxation that make this a perfect option anytime of the day. Gelato also possesses a wonderful dessert-like terpene profile with pronounced notes of rich creamy gelato, sweet vanilla spice, rainbow sherbet and earthy citrus fruit that combine together to form a deliciously unique taste! Gelato Potency: 88.07% THC/0.18% CBD

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