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Buy Dabwoods Disposable Vape Online


Dabwoods Disposable Vape Pen

Created by Dankwoods, Dabwoods 1 Gram disposable vape pen is a convenient & clean way to get your high on the go! Filled with 1 Gram of concentrate made from premium cannabis, this disposable pen comes in different strains:
Biscotti, SFV OG, King Louis OG, GSC, Trainwreck, & Blue Dream. Not only is this disposable convenient because it can be thrown away after use, but it can also be recharged if you prefer a high voltage puff!


Buy Dabwoods Disposable Vape

Dabwoods is one of the highly reputable brands with premium disposable vapes ranging from 1-17 grams. Its disposable vapes take vaping to a new level with discrete and convenient-to-use devices that come pre-filled with cannabis concentrates.

The concentrates in Dabwoods are made from six different cannabis strains, meaning there are varieties to choose from. The list comprises Biscotti, SFV OG, King Louis OG, GSC, Trainwreck, and Blue Dream. There exists a diverse flavor profile from these selected marijuana strains; you can never miss your favorite.

Since Dabwoods contain up to 17 grams of cannabis concentrates, they are designed with rechargeable batteries. But once the content is depleted, the vape pen is disposed of. However, there may be more fake Dabwoods than there are real ones. That is because the company does to have test results and does not tell people how to distinguish genuine products from fakes.

How to Use Dabwoods Disposable Vape Pens

Almost all disposable vapes are consumed the same way, and Dabwoods are not different. They have draw-activated firing mechanisms that burn the liquid as soon as you draw a puff. That means they are ready for use out of the box.

Dabwoods are battery-powered. But unlike most disposable vapes in the market, they are rechargeable. You only connect a charger to the device if you cannot draw in smoke. This process is repeated until the content is depleted, after which the empty disposable vape pen is tossed into the garbage bin.

Pros and Cons

Dabwoods disposable vapes are a little less known than most brands. But have the best features on the hardware and the cannabis concentrate they contain. However, they also have their share of disadvantages. Let’s quickly highlight the pros and cons of these products:


High quantity content of up to 17 grams
Easy and ready to use out of the box
Rechargeable – no worries about battery depletion
Relatively affordable
Ore-filled and pre-charged
Allows smooth and efficient hits
Good hardware


Fake products may exist, and differentiating them isn’t easy
The brand does not have lab results to confirm the safety of the product

Additional information


SFV OG (I), King Louie OG (I), Georgia Peach (I), Moonwalker Purps (I), Biscotti (I), Mothers Milk (I), SFV OG (I), Magic Melons (H), Girl Scout Cookies (H), Sour Diesel (S), Sunset Tsunami (S), Blue Raspberry Slush (S), Guavalato (H), Pineapple Kush (H


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