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Blue Goo Strain is actually a sativa-dominant hybrid with some serious bag appeal. It is a cross between the uber-popular Blue Dream and the landrace-derived Afgoo. This strain has a complex flavor profile that contains notes of berries, gasoline, and pine, among others. It also offers a well-balanced high that will appeal to sativa fans who’d rather not spend too much time in their heads. Blue Goo’s potency has been measured at between 16% and 22% THC.


Blue Goo Strain Review

Blue Goo Strain is a sweet smelling hybrid strain that delivers a combination of buzzy cerebral effects and warm, tingly body effects. Blue Goo.
Blue Goo is a Hybrid strain with an unfortunate name that doesn’t reflect its quality whatsoever. This cannabis, bred from the famous Blue Dream and Afgoo, provides a buzzy, loopy cerebral uplift, with a nice accompaniment of bodily warmth for those who find most Sativas too heady. Moreover, it has a smooth, pleasing blueberry flavor.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 18%

CBD: 1%


Although its name makes it sound like a repulsive industrial byproduct, Blue Goo is actually a lovely Sativa dominant weed, descended from two classic marijuana strains ;Blue Dream and Afgoo.

This marijuana essentially delivers a gooey version of a classic Sativa experience, marrying mental and bodily effects. With THC of 16 to 22% , it’s a potent strain, deserving of respect, especially from novice smokers.

Upon ingesting or smoking this cannabis, enthusiasts notice a quickly apparent cerebral uplift, with a dawning sense of happiness. Their thoughts take on a fluttery aspect, leading to a feeling of creativity and adventurousness. Simultaneously, they experience a tingly sense of relaxation that spreads throughout their body.

This combination means that this weed is a great halfway point between a narcotic Indica and an eye-popping Sativa: your mind won’t be racing crazily, but it won’t be completely sludgy either.

Blue Goo is available in shatter form from a few different retailers, as well as in vape cartridges from Fast Grass

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